For more than 80 years, Osaki Medical has produced medical supplies that are finely attuned to the needs of our customers in the medical and nursing care fields, and are highly safe, functional, and cost-effective.
Our unique product creation mindset that we have consistently cherished since we were first founded is embodied in each and every one of our products.
We will continue to be driven by a sense of responsibility and purpose that we are producing products on which people's lives and health depend, and to help people lead healthy lives through products created with originality and inventiveness.



The medical and nursing care industry is the foundation of our lives. At Osaki Medical, we consider it our mission to stably provide highly safe and functional medical supplies for everyone involved in medical and nursing care. We believe that our efforts to develop products that meet people's needs and provide products that are cost-effective, will contribute to improved medical and health care, and help people lead richer, healthier lives.
“Originality and inventiveness” are also part of our Management Philosophy, and we have been cultivating them ever since our company was first founded. They are our outstanding strengths, and we will all go on working together as one to enhance them.
We will continue to pursue customer satisfaction, work diligently every day in close communication with people on the front lines of medical and nursing care, and challenge ourselves as we go on creating ever more highly original products.

President and Representative Director Masao Osaki

President and Representative Director Masao OsakiPresident and Representative Director Masao Osaki


  • We offer original and creative products and contribute to people healthy lives.
  • We aim to satisfy our customers first and to pursue social existance value.
  • We make efforts for employees's job satisfactions.
  • We respect reason and constantly make progress.
  • We value the spirit of freedom, independence and self-responsibility.


We offer original and creative products of high quality.
We aim to satisfy our customers, our employees and also our share holders.
We value the spirit of independence and autonomy.
We accumulate knowledge.
We constantly make progress.


  • Medical
  • Baby&Matanity
  • Nursing&Care
  • We support medical and nursing care and protect
    lives through outstanding originality
    and inventiveness.

We have been cultivating
"originality and inventiveness"
and "reliable quality"
since we were first founded.

The work at medical and nursing care sites never stops.
At Osaki Medical, we accurately capture the needs of customers on the front lines, and accordingly provide a stable supply of medical supplies that are highly safe, functional, and cost-effective. In this way, we have been supporting people involved in medical and nursing care and helping people lead healthy lives for a long time.
As medical supplies professionals, we have consistently cherished originality and inventiveness since we were first founded way back in 1936.
Each and every employee has a strong awareness and sense of responsibility, and continues to strive to develop outstanding products of reliable quality because we nurture a culture that values originality.

Be the only one of our kind,
and the number one player on the field.
Actively challenge ourselves to help create the future.

Changes in society and advances in medical technology mean that the medical supplies people require change considerably with the times.
We have always been actively introducing the latest technologies and developing one-of-a-kind products while identifying new needs by listening to the voices of our customers.
”Being the number one player” starts with being ”the only one” of our kind.
For example, we were the first company in the world to design in-house an automatic cutting and packaging line for producing gauze. We believe that developing by thinking outside the box and working to improve conditions at work sites in ways like this will help create a new future.
The accumulated result of all those endeavors is that we now hold the largest share of the market in Japan for medical gauze, medical absorbent cotton, and maternity kits.
We will continue to actively challenge ourselves to improve quality and productivity even further.

  • Medical Gauze
  • Medical Absorbent Cotton
  • Maternity Delivery Set
Market share in Japan No.1
<2018-19 Edition>
The actual market conditions for medical and sanitary products and trends in demand by product, according to data gathered by Yano Research Institute Ltd. and Osaki Medical

The Asian market is rapidly growing.
We will continue to be a company that leads the industry.

We can provide a speedy, detailed response and a stable supply of products with ten offices, four distribution centers, and three factories across Japan.
We are also expanding our bases in China, Indonesia, and other Asian countries, and are actively progressing with making our business global. There are no guarantees about the future, so we will never forget to keep coming up with new ideas.
It will be essential that we respond to our changing society with outstanding speed by actively making use of cutting-edge technologies such as RPA and AI.
We will strive to achieve originality and inventiveness in order to continue to be a leading presence in the medical and nursing care industry.


Company Name Osaki medical
Representative President and Representative Director Masao Osaki
Establishment 1936
Capital 60 million yen
Sales 25,655 million yen (FY 2023)
Employee 400 people (as of October,2021)
Business Content Manufacture and sale of medical materials (medical products, medical devices, quasi-pharmaceuticals, cosmetics), nursing / nursing products, obstetrics / gynecology products
Membership Japan Hygiene Products Industory Association
Medical Technology Association of Japan
Chubu Medical Devices Manufacturers Association
Chubu Cosmetic Industry Association
Japanese Society of Medical Instrumentation
Japan Association of Health industry Distributors
Osaka Medical Product Wholesalers' Association
Japanese Society for Infection Prevention and Control
Japanese Midwives Association
Overseas Medical Equipment Technical Assistants






At Osaki Medical, we provide OEM/ODM services for manufacturing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, and a variety of other products. All the work is conducted under thorough manufacturing, quality, and hygiene control.
Leveraging the manufacturing technology and product design know-how we have cultivated in the field of medical products over many years, we produce and deliver products of outstanding" quality", "functionality", and "cost-effectiveness" that meet the needs of our customers.
We also export to overseas markets, and provide trade services. We have a substantial track record of OEM/ODM business, so please feel free to contact us.


  • Cotton balls
    Cotton balls

    7mm, 10mm, 14mm,
    20mm, 25mm, 30mm,
    40mm, 50mm,
    special shapes

  • Sterilized medical implements
    Sterilized medical implements
    (gauze, absorbent cotton, forceps, etc.)
  • Cleansing cotton,Wet cotton,Wet sheet
    Cleansing cotton,
    Wet cotton,
    Wet sheet

    Base cloth: Absorbent cotton / Nonwoven fabric

  • Breast pad
    Breast pad

  • Maternity Sanitary Pad
    Maternity Sanitary Pad

  • Note: We do not offer sterilization services.

Our Factories

  • Gujo Factory
  • Iwakura Factory

Quality Management Standard
Certifications obtained

  • ISO9001:2015 International Standards for Quality Management Systems
  • ISO13485:2016 International Standards for Building Quality Control Systems for Medical Devices

Licenses obtained

  • Manufacturing pharmaceuticals (OTC/sterile pharmaceutical products)
  • Manufacturing medical devices
  • Manufacturing quasi-drugs
  • Manufacturing cosmetics

Manufacturing Environment

  • Cleanliness: ISO7 (FED10000) to ISO8 (FED100000)

Sterilization Equipment

  • Ethylene oxide sterilization
  • Moist heat sterilization

Testing and Inspection Equipment

  • Gas chromatograph
  • Liquid chromatograph
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Tensile strength tester
  • Clean benches (for microbial testing)