In order to provide you with products, services, etc., we may ask you to provide personal information. We are deeply aware of the importance of protecting your personal information, and believe that we cannot have a sound relationship with you unless we protect it. In order to build an even stronger relationship of trust with you, we publish our Privacy Policy here.

1. We will not use your personal information for any purpose other than the following:
a. To inform you by mail, telephone, or e-mail about services and products we offer, and about the holding of various events and campaigns;
b. To conduct surveys in order to develop products or investigate ways to improve customer satisfaction;
c. To make judgments about and manage credit;
d. To provide the following personal information to our partner companies, either in writing or electronically. However, we will stop providing it to third parties if you ask us to.
[Items provided: Address, name, date of birth, telephone number, and information on business we have transacted with you]

2. With the exception of those specified in 1-a. above, we will not provide your personal information to any other companies or third parties unless there is a legitimate reason for doing so.
However, if any of the following apply to you or your guarantor, we may use your personal information jointly among our partner companies as reference material for making judgements about credit and transacting business after signing a contract.
a. If a promissory note or check you or your guarantor has issued to us has been dishonored or had payment stopped;
b. If you or your guarantor has requested deferral of payment of all or part of a sum owed to us, and we have accepted the request;
c. If, in an individual transaction with us, payment to us has been delayed at your convenience;
d. If you or your guarantor has applied for bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, company liquidation, special liquidation, etc., or if your business permit has been revoked by a supervisory authority.

The information that will be used jointly will be limited to your address, name, date of birth, telephone number, business address, and the contract date, product name, contract amount, number of payments, contract balance, monthly payment status, etc.
pertaining to the relevant contract.
We will be responsible for managing the joint use of your personal information.

3. If you wish to verify, correct, etc. your personal information, we will disclose it if you submit the documents we specify.
For information on how to obtain the disclosure request form and any other documents we specify, please contact our Customer Consultation Office.
If you wish to request disclosure, please make sure you have proof of your identity (e.g., your driver’s license) available.

4. We will comply with the Japanese laws and regulations and other codes related to the handling of your personal information.

5. We will strive to counter the risk of leakage, alteration, or loss of your personal information by taking appropriate safety measures.

6. We will conduct periodic audits with regard to the handling of personal information, and will constantly strive to improve the process.